I bring to your attention a short article with a brief educational program on the most tourist and interesting places in sunny Los Angeles. I hope this list will be useful for many travelers to America and will help you plan your visit to local and not only local attractions. Please note that the text will contain many links to specific museums, tours, attractions. You can click on the link you need and in a separate window will open an article, story or video blog about this place (with ticket prices, useful tips, photos, our impressions)! I will place the sights in order: from the most visited and interesting to just the places you can go if you have time and desire. Well, the first thing that all the tourists in the world in Los Angeles want to see is the famous Hollywood! This is the place to start your journey.

Walk of Fame in Hollywood

Walk of Fame in Hollywood, CA

I give the address to the former Kodak theater, now it is Dolby Theater, because He and the Chinese Theater are the center of the Avenue of Stars and it is there that the stars with famous names and plates with footprints, hands and autographs of actors, musicians and other fashionable personalities are located. (6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, California, 90028)

What to see here and what to do: - See the stars in the alley, it goes without saying. - Look at the Dolby Theater (admission is free), if you wish, take a picture there on the stairs, on which Hollywood stars rise to the hall where they are awarded the Oscar. - Hang out in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. You have to knock, because there are usually a lot of tourists there, but this is the place, which is why everyone goes to Hollywood (not specifically the theater, but what is on the asphalt in front of it). - Go to the Madame Tussauds Museum (not just to be confused with the Museum of Wax Figures, it is there too). It makes no sense to pay attention to the rest of the museums (they are so-so), especially if you have a limited time in Los Angeles. But if you are still interested, then here are articles about other museums in Hollywood: the Museum of Wax Figures, the Museum "Do you Believe It or Not?", The Guinness World Records Museum. Read, see photos, may also like.

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory, LA

First of all, climb to the roof of the observatory (it's free). It offers a very beautiful view of Los Angeles (all beautiful pictures and postcards of Los Angeles are most often made from this place). If there is no fog (smog), the view will be very beautiful! Also, a gorgeous landscape happens here during sunset (sheer romance). Fotik must be with you! You can also take tea / coffee in a cafe and sit down on the terrace at a table. In the very observatory on the ground floor there is a museum on the space theme, but if you are not interested in astronomy, then in general you can not go there or just quickly run through the halls, but there the museum is not boring, you can see yourself in infrared light and poke in different buttons. Also in the Observatory there is a planetarium, this is a show on the ceiling about space, an interesting enough spectacle, it takes only 15 minutes, it passes constantly, the price of a ticket is $ 7. - The Griffith Observatory offers a great view of the inscription Hollywood (2800 E Observatory Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027)

Santa Monica

My favorite place in the whole city ...

Here you can buy some unusual souvenir and just stare at the brightness and singularity of the place. - Go, of course, to the pier itself. This is the place that is shown in all TV shows and movies that are filmed in Los Angeles. - If you wish, you can ride on the carousel in Pacific Park. If there is no desire (there is usually a terrible talk and queues), I advise you to simply take a ticket to the Ferris wheel, since a beautiful view opens from it (it is necessary to ride during the day, because in the dark nothing will be visible). - From the pier you can go down to the beach. If you are brave - you can swim! But then how lucky with the weather and waves. Simply come in shorts and walk along the beach (walk barefoot on the water). If you plan to sit on the sand, take with you or buy a beach towel in the gift shop. I will say right away that the water in the ocean is often cold and many people confuse it with the sea, but if the weather is hot outside, then you can swim. Tourists swim here (although there are not many of them), locals never, it's cold for us.

And then you need to look at the Promenade (this is street number 3). There are a lot of shops, restaurants, cafes, a large shopping center, plus three cinemas. In general ... Fun for every taste! - I recommend to eat at Umami Burger (this is the intersection of 6 and Broadway) or in Pono Burger (the intersection of Lincoln (8th street from the ocean) and Broadway). And at the Promenade itself, take a peek at Pinkberry (they sell delicious frozen yogurt). (321 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401)

Los Angeles area of Venice

Venice-Beach-Boardwalk, LA

Venice is famous for its beach, so if you have time, you can walk along the beach with your feet or rent bicycles. - Walk to the market with hippie junk. I do not know how to call this place otherwise. You can ask the locals where they sell paintings and marijuana, they will show where to go!

If you have time and opportunity, I advise you to get to the Canals of Venice (after which this place is called Venice). In fact, there is nothing to do there and the walk will take about 15 minutes, but the place is cozy, quiet, insanely cute. (1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291)